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A Program Requirement for HIT and CIM Students

COMP101 - Intro to Computer Applications (4 units)

Prepare for your HIT/CIM program courses by learning basic operations of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access & Power Point). Learn basic computer concepts, terms and applications used in your online courses. 

  • Improve Your Computer Skills

  • Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint

  • Basic Operations of Windows


Attention: Students Who Plan to Take COMP 101 at SBCC

The COMP department wants you to be successful in COMP 101. In order to do that, you must have the right hardware and software, and register for the correct section for that hardware/software. One of the greatest barriers to student success in COMP 101 is they get off to a rocky start because they are either in the wrong section or do not have the hardware and software required and specified for the course/CRN.

It is slightly more complicated to register for COMP 101 than for other courses because the section numbers are associated with a particular version of Office. In the fall 2013 semester, the only versions of Office that will be offered are 2007 and 2010. Spring 2014 will offer more variety, including the use of Macs. The one caveat to using a Mac is IF you plan to use a Mac for COMP 101 (not an option until the Spring 2014 semester), you will need to use a PC in order to complete the Access component of the course. The HIT/CIM department feels an understanding of Access(database knowledge) is integral to your success as an HIT/CIM professional. 

Please review the following information about the Office 2007 section (CRN 30300) of COMP 101 for Fall 2013.

Please review the following information about the Office 2010 sections (all fall sections, except 30300) of COMP 101 for Fall 2013.

These pages deal with the immediate needs for Fall 2013, but also the changes coming for Spring 2014; therefore, it is vitally important that you carefully read these documents. 

Important Instructions for all CRN# Sections:
  • As soon as you register, send an email to . Use the following subject line: COMP 101 ONLINE, CRN# (Please include your CRN number). You will be sent detailed hardware & software requirements, the online orientation, with instructions on how to log in and get started and book/supply details.  Order your books and install your software as soon as possible!
  • This is a fully online class and has NO on-campus meetings, so you must have the correct software to take the class.

  • This course IS NOT self-paced. There are specific deadlines. So you must begin working by the first week of the semester or you will be dropped from the course.

  •  If you have any further questions about COMP 101, you may email




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