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Leave and Absence Reporting

Welcome to the SBCC Absence Reporting Online!


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


Below you will find the links to the different Leave Code definitions:

Jury Duty/Witness Leave
Industrial Accident/Workers Compensation
Military Leave
Personal Necessity
Compensation Time
Leave Without Pay 


  • Who Can use the Online System?

Banner Self Service is only available to Permanent Classified and Management for reporting Leave.
However, all Permanent Employees may use Banner Self Service to view Leave Balances.

  • Where can I find the Online System?

    Banner Self Service is available under the Work tab via Pipeline.  Username and password are required

  • Are there instructions?

    You can find and download self-service instructions here.  Absence hours for March, for example, must me submitted to your supervisor for approval by April 15.  Balances are updated immediately upon supervisor approval.  Once your supervisor has approved the hours, he/she cannot return the hours to you and you will need to notify Payroll.

  • What do the different absence types mean?

    To see a complete description of all Leave Codes, see the current CSEA contract or see the Absence Codes page.

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  • How long ahead of time can I enter leave for approval?

    Employees and Approvers may request and submit leave up to two months ahead of time.

  • What are the Deadlines?

It is the staff member's responsibility to comply with department work schedules and to obtain his or her supervisor's approval prior to submission deadline.
See absence deadlines here.

  • Can I access the Absence Reporting System from home?

    Yes, Banner self-service is available 24/7 from the office and from home. Simply log in via Pipeline

  • What do I do if I mistakenly approve my absences before I have completed all absences for a month?

 Notify your supervisor immediately.  Your supervisor can return the absence hours to you before he/she approves the hours.  Once your supervisor has approved the hours, he/she cannot return the hours to you and you will need to notify    Payroll.

  • What if I have no absences to report for a particular month?

    You must submit for approval whether or not any absences were taken.

  • How do I enter Comp Time Earned and Comp Time Taken?

             Comp Time Earned -- Submit a "Comp Time Earned" time sheet to Payroll indicating the number of comp time hours.  Payroll will post comp time hours to your record.


  • What do the different Absence Sheet Statuses mean?



Not Started You have not started your time sheet.
It can be opened/started
In Progress

You are in the process of entering your time for the pay period.
It can be opened/started

Pending You submitted your time sheet and it is awaiting approval from your supervisor.  
It cannot be edited by you.
Returned for Correction Your timesheet is being returned to you for correction.  
You are required to make corrections and to resubmit
Approved Your time sheet has been approved and is ready for Payroll to process.  
It cannot be edited by you or your supervisor
Completed Payroll received and processed your timesheet


  • How do I change my hours to Zero if I make a mistake?

    Click on the drop down for 'Hours' and Select 'Enter Hours'



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