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Work Orders

Welcome Back SBCC Staff & Faculty! 

The Facilities & Operations department utilizes an internet based work order system. To access the work order system please go to Work Order System and use your Pipeline username and password to log in.

For those who are new or coming back and would like to be part of our Facilities Work Order system, please contact us with your name and department so we can put you into our system via email at Facilities@pipeline.sbcc.edu or phone call x2296.

Work orders:  Please be specific one to two week notice required. 

Events: Date(s), Place and time of event w/schematics, tables/chairs needed, etc. Inventory of chairs & tables are on a first come, first serve basis.                   

Safety:  Area, Room number, Building and Urgency. (Flooding, broken glass/windows, outages, etc. call x2296 immediately). 

Buildings: General maintenance as needed for Plumbing, Water fountains, Lighting, Doors, Air Conditioner, Clocks installation, most items attached to the building, minor repairs,  etc. 

Grounds:  Areas outside buildings - Walkways, Trees, Hazards, Trashcans, Irrigation problems, Outside fountains, La Playa, Pershing Park, etc.

Cleaning:  Areas, Building and room number of concern, Restroom supplies, Clean-ups, Mop ups, Trash, Recycle, Carpet cleaning, Cleaning classrooms/ lounges, Custodial supplies, etc. 

For moving or surplus furniture, please contact the Warehouse or call Ext. 2362

For moving computers or stations, needing media/microphones/speakers/projectors

Please contact I.T. Dept. ext. 2215 or Helpdesk@pipeline.sbcc.edu                                                             

For new electric locks call Security Office ext. 2264 or Security@pipeline.sbcc.edu

If you are having trouble logging into the http://facilities.sbcc.edu site, try using SBCC\ in front of your username (eg, SBCC\jaclark2) instead of just your username. In 90% of cases, this solves the problem.

If this doesn't work please contact Help Desk ext. 2215



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