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Long-Range Planning

In 2013 the college began a new phase of long-range planning for capital improvement projects at all three campuses.  The goal of this planning effort is to develop a Facilities Master Plan that:

  • provides high quality and modern instructional, student support and work spaces
  • addresses future needs of instructional programs
  • supports sustainable development and operations
  • creates an attractive campus environment 

Facilities Master Plan

The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) is the third step of the Program Location and Land Use Master Plan (PLLUMP) effort and is anticipated to be complete by February 2017. The purpose of the FMP is to guide all future development and renovation efforts for facilities, landscaping, site work, and wayfinding as part of the long range planning vision for the college.

FMP Process Map   

June 2016 Community Forums Presentation

Program Location & Land Use Master Plan (PLLUMP)

The Program Location & Land Use Master Plan is a long-range facility plan that establishes long-term goals and guiding principles associated with land planning, facility program locations, internal/external connections, circulation, parking within the parameters of the technical requirements of the site, the regulatory environment, the college's sustainability plan and budget considerations. The plan creates a fifteen year facilities vision for the future of the college, ensures efficient and effective utilization of college facilities in support of the college's mission, instructional programs and support services, establishes Aesthetic Design Standards, and establishes the foundation for the development of the Facilities Master Plan.

PLLUMP Process Map 

September 2015 Presentation and Minutes of PLLUMP Final Program Location Recommendation

PLLUMP Final Report

Aesthetic Design Standards

The Aesthetic Design Standards (ADS) are a means to communicate the desired look and feel for all future facilities, landscaping and site work at each of the three campuses.  The ADS are a component of the larger FMP and guide architects and designers to an end result that supports an overall aesthetic vision. Further, these standards focus on creating the most ideal setting for supporting a successful student experience.

Aesthetic Design Standards

Long Range Development Plan

The college's original Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) was developed in the early 1980's and is one of its primary long-range planning documents.  The LRDP is the long range facilities planning document required by the California Coastal Commission (CCC), the state governing body that regulates development activities within the coastal region of California.  The LRDP identifies the major capital outlay projects the college has identified as a priority in the PLLUMP and FMP, and is required to be amended through the Public Works Plan Amendment process as projects are added or deleted.  Every revision to the LRDP requires approval by the CCC.

Long Range Development Plan

Future Bond Program - Proposed Projects

The majority of the college's buildings throughout all three campuses were built between the 1930's and the 1970's.  Additionally multiple modular buildings have been installed at each campus to address both overcrowding and the need for swing space during construction projects.  College facilities are at a critical point where building deterioration and aging infrastructure have begun to compromise the quality of the educational environment.  The college completed the Future Bond Program - Proposed Projects report to identify college facilities needing to be renovated or replaced, to estimate the total associated cost for renovation or replacement, and to prioritize proposed projects.  

Future Bond Program - Proposed Projects Report 

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