About TAP


The Santa Barbara City College Transfer Achievement Program (TAP) is a support program within the University Transfer Center designed to assist all underrepresented students who are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. TAP's goal is to provide students with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions in their development of a plan that ensures a successful transition from SBCC to a four-year university.


To address the challenges facing underrepresented students at SBCC, the program’s major objectives are:- To increase the number and proportion of underrepresented students who commit to transfer as an educational goal;- To increase the number of underrepresented students who complete the transfer-related activities as outlined by the TAP Counselors- To increase the number of underrepresented students who apply for, receive acceptance to, and enroll in a four-year institution to a level at least at parity with their proportion of the general student population;- To increase high school, community, and four-year institution involvement and collaboration in the delivery of pre-transfer out-reach/in-reach, support, and transition services.


TAP provides an integrated and cohesive set of services to underrepresented students who have the potential to transfer to four-year institutions.  Our program has had a direct and demonstrated effect on students in the areas of access, retention, and completion of transfer. TAP's two major premises are: increasing student involvement and responsibility in transfer-related activity will increase student persistence and goal attainment and that collaboration among students and among college services will increase transfer rates more so than would individual and fragmented efforts. With these premises as its foundation, TAP efforts have resulted in a significant increase in underrepresented student involvement in transfer-related activities, improved academic progress, and increased transfer rates of underrepresented students at SBCC.