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Division Representatives

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Educational Support (DSPS/FRC)

CHAIR - Laurie Vasquez

x 2724

Business, Vote

Esther Frankel

x 2224

Educational Support - CLRC/ ESD

Vandana Gavaskar

x 2673

English/English Skills, Vote

Jason File

x 3405

Fine Arts  (Humanities emphasis), Vote

Jim Mooy

x 2379

Fine Arts (Media arts emphasis), at large

Seantel Sanders

x 3682

Health & Human Services, (Allied Health) Vote

David Saunders

x 4320

Math, (faculty at large)

Jim Kruidenier 

x 2682


Jason Miner

x 2267

P.E./Health/Recreation, Vote
(Senate Liaison)

Kathy O'Connor

x 2322

Sciences,(faculty at large)

Patty Saito

x 2311

Sciences, Vote

Eric Bullock

x 3639

Social Sciences, Vote

Rebekah Gutierrez 

x 4436

SOML//Modern Languages, Vote

Laura Gardinali

x 3458

Technologies, Vote

Dan Vasey

x 2992





Liz Auchincloss

x 2813


Therese Schweidler

x 3553

Senate office support

Anita Cole

x 2217




Dean,  Educational Programs

Kenley Neufeld

x 2216

Director of Instructional Technology, FRC

David Wong

x 2862

Director Academic Technology Support

Jason Walker

x 3434




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