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Satisfactory Academic Progress


Financial Aid Appeal Process 

Step # 1 Meet with an Academic Counselor for a current (within the current semester) Student Educational Plan (SEP)

To Request a Current SEP

Step # 2 Identify your Academic Progress Status 

  1. Log into your pipeline account (
  2. Click on Student
  3. Click on "Financial Aid" link
  4. Click on "Special Messages"
  5. Select the "Aid Year" andclick "Submit"
  6. Click on the "Special Messages" tab

Step #3 Complete the appropriate Financial Aid Academic Progress Appeal form 

         2017 - 2018 Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

        Academic Plan Worksheet Instructions

Step # 4 Attach to the Financial Aid Appeal your Appeal Statement and Current SEP and Appeal statement if applicable

Step # 5 Submit packet to the Financial Aid office Room SS210 (2nd floor Student Services Building) by Financial Aid Deadline



Satisfactory Academic Progress Reference: 34 Code of Federal Regulations Section 668.34



Do I Need to Appeal

How Do I Appeal for Financial Aid

How Do I Check My Academic Progress Status

What Is a Student Education Plan

How Do I Download and Open the SAP Appeal Form

How Do I  Fill Out the SAP Appeal Form

How Do I Fill Out the SAP Appeal Form Page 1

How Do I Fill Out the SAP Appeal Form Written Statement

What is an Academic Plan

How Do I Fill Out the SAP Appeal Form, Page 3, Part 1

What is Expected GPA

How Do I Fill Out SAP Appeal Form, Page 3, Part 2

Finishing the Academic Plan

Academic Plan Special Situations

Turning in a Financial Aid Appeal





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