Interfacing Between Accounting, Auxiliary, and Payroll

When you are interfacing between Accounting, Auxiliary and Payroll, please be sure to CC: emails and memos to: 
Tracy Janacek and/or Nicole Hubert.

Fiscal Training

The fiscal department has been offering several training opportunities. The following training options are available:

SBCC Financial Reports
Please contact Lisa Saunders for more information.

For budget inquiries for staff or personnel please email

Financial Reports

For account balance lookup, please use SBCC Financial Reports.  Please contact Lisa Saunders (ext 2775) for access code.

Fund - Balancing segment of the account number. Each fund is kept separate and has its own fund balance.

Department/Cost Center - Department/Cost Center numbers are used to designate each area of instruction or operation. 

Account - Expenditure or revenue classification category of an item or a service. 

Program - A set of instructional functions or operations related to an academic discipline or a grouping of services. 

Activity - Using for tracking specific expenses and revenue source for reporting purposes.

Travel and Conference Procedures

For Travel and Conference Procedures, please visit the Procedures page.

Authorized Cardholders

  1. Use the credit card for school authorized cardholder expenses only.
  2. Use a travel & conference account code for all travel expenses (i.e. 5220xx)
  3. Obtain itemized receipts for all travel expenses, including taxis, shuttles, and parking.
  4. District policy will not allow reimbursement for movies, personal phone calls, and alcoholic beverages.
  5. Include the 5 digit travel request form number with the account number on the US Bank credit card statement to aid in travel reconciliation.
  6. Itemize all expenses, including credit card receipts, in the lower portion of the travel request form.
  7. All out of pocket cash expenses will be reimbursed.
  8. Return the completed travel request form to accounting.

Approving Officials

  1. Audit all receipts for non-reimbursable items (i.e. tips, movies, alcoholic beverages, personal phone calls). Employee needs to reimburse the district for these expenses.
  2. Check meal receipts over the district per diem rates for tips; per item 1 these cannot be paid by the district.
  3. Verify that the account number and travel request form number on the US Bank credit card statement match the travel and conference request form information.