• No form required.
    • Submit all Employee requests for reimbursement into the Concur platform. on self-service pipeline
    • Visit here for procedures.

Employee Travel & Conference Request Form 

Use form for advance authorization to incur Travel and Conference expenses.  Following travel, attach signed form to Travel & Conference Expense Report in the employee reimbursement platform, called Concur.  Read more about using Concur here. 

Employee Mileage Claim Worksheet

Complete worksheet to converts mileage to reimbursement value and submit as documentation in the Employee Reimbursement platform, called Concur.  Read more about how to use Concur here. 

Vendor ACH Registration for Electronic Payments

    • This is our preferred method to pay and is the fastest and most secure method of payment. 
    • All electronic payments include automated email notification for Vendor management.

Attach with the Vendor Purchase Order or with the Vendor invoice when submitting your invoice for payment in the Fiscal Services Portal.  Accounts Payable will update our payment methods and send all payments electronically to your Vendors and Consultants.  



Student Mileage Claim Worksheet


Click links below to download forms: