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Welcome to Environmental Studies

Program Description

The Environmental Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program designed to develop an understanding of living and non-living earth processes and how they affect and are affected by the human population. Courses in biology, earth sciences and history provide a foundation in the functioning of living systems including population growth, ecology, and toxicology; geologic processes including energy resources, geologic hazards, and pollution; and human attitudes towards nature including historical perspective and context for our current situation.

Through these courses students will gain a better understanding of how humans are intimately connected with the environment and how human activities impact and are impacted by the environment.

An understanding of environmental matters is essential in today's world. Careers in natural resources, land use planning, business, energy, waste management, pollution control, law and environmental administration all require knowledge of environmental issues and the functioning of ecosystems. Career opportunities may require more discipline-specific studies in biology, geology or political science.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain how human activities impact the environment and how the environment impacts human society over time.
  2. Explain the interconnections among the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.
  3. Apply critical thinking to establish connections and evaluate the extent to which human activities degrade, protect, or rehabilitate environmental health.

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