Logo Design Team

Raíces Logo Design Team

Adrian Rodriguez

Adrian Rodriguez
Photo Credit: SBCC, Boxuan Zhan

Ziv Taylor

Ziv Taylor
Photo Credit: SBCC, Boxuan Zhan

"Early in the design process, we strived to explore two major themes for the logo design: interconnectedness and indigeneity. Roots is a direct English translation of the Spanish word “raíces.” However, as a team, we wanted to explore deeper meanings behind the concept of roots. For example, roots can symbolize a sturdy foundation or interconnectivity with their surroundings to produce profound and communal relationships. Often when we think of roots, the immediate response is the imagery of trees and their root systems. When exploring other ways of visually representing the concept of interconnectivity, we came across a sun motif."

"In the natural environment, the sun supports the many different systems that ensure nature’s survival. The sun is the source that holds the integrity of these processes and the greater environmental community. Raíces aspires to serve a similar purpose for the Latine student community at Santa Barbara City College by strengthening students' connections within the SBCC community and beyond and by providing a foundation and safe space for growth and for students to take ownership of their education and career goals."

"For our second thematic approach, we decided to embrace the indigenity and indigenous culture of the Latine community. We strived to pay homage to the people and achievements that came before and the indigenous peoples still thriving throughout the Americas. When developing the logo designs, we researched visual characteristics unique to various indigenous peoples of Pre-Colombian America and incorporated this language into the logo’s design. For example, the angular and geometric pattern work found within Incan artwork helped to inspire the angular sun rays for the watermark. While the crescent-shaped iris for the eye connects to the astrological achievements the Aztec people contributed."

"Another deeper meaning for roots we explored was the ancestral connection we all share. Not only are there connections between ourselves and our family's culture, but we share an underlying foundation of interconnectedness across the human race and the entire planet. We are all connected due to our common ancestry. A feeling of empowerment stems from embracing and relating to our familial and cultural history. Through the Raíces logo, we attempted to demonstrate that all life thrives and originates from the same common ground. The eye symbolizes recognition and gratitude for the countless ancestors who triumphed and suffered to give us a better life today."

Written by our Student Logo Designers, Adrian and Ziv

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