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Should I Accept Another University's Offer of Admission?

Congratulations! You applied wisely and now you have options for transfer even though you were not admitted to your first choice university. Here are some things to consider in making your decision.

The answer is yes, if:

  • You have been admitted to a university that you really would like to attend
  • You have been admitted to your major
  • Your priority is being at a four-year university as quickly as possible
  • You still need some time to make your final decision.

The answer could be no, if:

  • You really do not want to attend any of the universities you have been admitted to
  • You have not been admitted to your major at the university
  • Transferring as quickly as possible is not a priority for you.

What happens if I accept an offer of admission and then decide not to attend the university?

The major negative is that the admission deposit is non-refundable so you will lose that money. Can you afford that expense at this time? Remember, you can always re-apply to the university for a later term with no negative consequences.

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