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Courses & Credits

The courses that are offered as part of the program are usually UC/CSU transferable. Check with your counselor for possible exceptions.  You must enroll in a minimum of 2 units. Plese make sure you check into pre-requisites prior to enrolling in a course.

Classes offered on this program are:

Spanish 101        BEGINNING SPANISH I                                            - 5 Units

Spanish 160        ADVANCED SPANISH                                              - 4 Units

Spanish 120        BEGINNING SPANISH CONVERSATION I              - 2 Units

Spanish 140        INTERMEDIATE SPANISH CONVERSTAION II       - 3 Units

Some courses will be partially taught online upon the student's return.


Spanish 131A       BEGINNING SPANISH GRAMMAR I                          - 1 Unit

Spanish 131B       BEGINNING SPANISH GRAMMAR II                      - 1 Unit

Spanish 131C       BEGINNING SPANISH GRAMMAR III                        - 1 Unit

Students would be taking Spanish 131 A/B or B/C for 2 units.

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