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Payment Schedule

Program Fee Payment Schedule (Does not include airfare)

Non-refundable first payment  Due with application by October 20, 2017  $250

Second payment                      October 27, 2017                                        $3,890

Final Payment                          November 27, 2017                                    $3,865

TOTAL Payment                                                                                          $8,005

* Includes $200 refundable security deposit.

Suggested Amount for Personal Expenses.  Though personal spending habits vary widely, we suggest taking at least $1200 - $1800/month for food and personal expenses.

The program price is based on a minimum of 20 program participants. Payment amounts may vary according to the final number of program participants. All payments, including any supplements, will be paid directly to ACCENT by each participant. Participants will be accommodated on a space available basis until the final payment deadline. After the final payment deadline, the program is considered closed; additional participants may be able to join the program on a case-by-case basis, depending on conditions at the time and ACCENT’s sole discretion.

A security deposit of $200 per participant (which is included in the program price listed above) will be paid directly to ACCENT by each participant. This amount will be refunded to program participants approximately three months following the end of the program, less any charges for damages, unreturned items, etc.

Failure to make any payment when due shall automatically cancel participant from the program one week after payment due date. All payments are effective the day they are received by the ACCENT San Francisco Center. ACCENT, in its sole discretion, may reinstate an applicant subject to availability of space and late enrollment fees.

Refunds/Cancellations. Any individual cancellation must be made in writing to the ACCENT San Francisco Center and is effective the date of the receipt by ACCENT.

Cancellation Fees

Date of Cancellation                                            Penalty

70 days or more prior to start of program             $250

50-69 days prior to start of program                      $2,500

30-49 days prior to start of program                      $3,000

15-29 days prior to start of program                      $3,500

0-7 days prior to start of program                          No refund

Before the start date of the program, should the U.S. State Department issue a “Travel Warning” that American citizens must not travel to Rome, SBCC will cancel the program. If the program is canceled as a result of a travel warning, ACCENT will refund the entire program fee to all participants on that program.

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