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Madrid Study Abroad


American Literature, Art History, and Spanish Language in Madrid, Spain

September 5 - December 1, 2018

Brexit, geo-political shifts, and unexpected outcomes from elections confront us with questions of value and belonging. How better to explore them than by studying abroad in Spain, a country that is currently asking questions about identity and secession?

Walking the streets of Madrid, visiting museums and palaces, students will live in the capital of one of the great European empires, which will anchor lively discussions about nationality and identity.  Coursework includes American Literature 1865-present and British Literature, 1798-present. Far from being disconnected from the present, this literature, combined with current events in Catalonia, allows us to return anew to the continuing consequences of the American Civil War.  Additionally, many 20th century authors decided they wanted to live outside of their countries. They wanted to belong elsewhere, and they wanted to promote a cause.  These expatriate authors often found inspiration in Spain.  As a Study Abroad student, your lived experience of colonial power will help you decide if, how, and when cultures and identities can - or should - be melded.

Our exciting, interdisciplinary coursework immerses us in the language and art of Spain, as well as British and American literature. Join us for an IRL experience of the expatriate life.

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