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Associated Student Government Elections for 2015-2016

Candidates for President

Isaac Eaves

Name: Isaac Eaves
Major: Business Administration

1. What are your interests of study here at SBCC?
I am currently a Business Administration Major at SBCC, but I am also interested in law. However, with that being said I am always finding myself interested in new things.

What ideas do you have to offer to the senate and the school?
I have many ideas that I want to offer to the senate and more importantly, the school. First off, I believe that academic counseling is one of the most important aspects that attribute to a successful college career; without a counselor I would have no idea what I am doing and how to do it. However, our counseling system is not as strong and efficient as it could be. I believe there are much better ways to operate a counseling system than having to stand in a line early in the morning to then hopefully get a same day appointment. That is why as a current Senator I have been working with the Academic Transfer President in trying to get the Counseling Kiosk on West Campus out there more consistently. Although it is only a small step, having an academic counselor available on-campus for any student to answer any questions seems to be a really good and efficient idea and furthermore, would be a possible move in the right direction towards strengthening our counseling system. My other idea is more of a long term goal; however it is of utter importance. One of the most significant issues here at SBCC is the parking problem. My main goal is to face this issue, as currently whenever it is brought up in senate it is immediately thrown out because of the attached stigma that it is too difficult/big of a problem to fix. I believe that if we actually start talking about it and making moves towards doing something, there is a possibility of change. For instance, one of my ideas was to have an off-campus parking structure that would transport students to the college through MTD/a shuttle to accommodate for all the students who need to drive to school. Through coordinating and planning with persistence and determination I believe that both of these goals are achievable.

3. What specific programs do you wish to continue or implement at the college?
Currently I think SBCC offers a wide-range of programs that should be continued; like the TAG program and the learning communities. However, I strongly believe there is always room for improvement and have heard many ideas from fellow classmates. First, I would like to implement work experience programs that are specific to your major. This would mean things like networking and entrepreneurial work experience, or anything of that matter, that could directly segue to your post-college career. On top of that, I would like to lower our dropout rate; I believe we should establish organizations that are aimed at students who are debating on dropping out and try our best to solve their problems personally as there are solutions to most problems; they just have to be surfaced. 

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David Kim

Name: David Kim
Major: Economics

1. What are your current interests of study here at SBCC?
As a first year student at Santa Barbara City College, I am interested in a variety of subjects. These subjects span from, American Sign Language and Kinesiology to Econ and English, and I intend to major in Economics.

 2. What Ideas do you have to offer to the senate and the school?
One of my main priorities as ASG president will be creating a closer community between our fellow students. Taking the steps necessary to achieve this goal will allow more students to communicate freely and easily with the Student Senate and School Administration allowing student senators to more accurately represent them. As a presidential candidate who has previous experience in student governments and leadership, I believe we can work together and establish a commitment to community.

3. What specific programs do you wish to continue or implement at the college?

In order to increase student body and senate communication we must provide and make known more opportunities that allow students to easily contact and voice any concerns they may have in an effort to work together and find a proper solution. I plan to continue to set up tables where students can easily walk up to inquire about current affairs and express potential concerns as well as keep up with online communication through the Student Senate website, social media and email.

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 Mathew Marino

Name: Mathew Marino
Major: Engineering

1. What are your interests of study here at SBCC?
I am interested in pursuing Electrical Engineering, as well as computer science.

2. What ideas do you have to offer to the Senate and the School?
I have more than just simple ideas to offer the school, I offer a mentality. Often times many of us get bogged down in the semantics and specifics of implementing ideas and projects on campus, which forces many wonderful ideas to be delayed if not skipped over entirely. I want to bring a new mentality to the senate: a progress oriented mindset. Rather than mincing words we need to be active in our passions and focused on implementing the next step in our projects. As Student Senators we must lead by example and show the rest of the student body the power we have to create positive change in our school and community. With this mindset we can begin to measure our own progress based on how much we actually achieve, rather than what we want to achieve. I also believe in school unity. We need to come together as a campus, on the field and in the classroom. We have so many great extra-curricular programs and sports teams that represent all of us every day, and we should be willing to go out and support them. From personal experience, I can vouch for the power of peer support, especially when many of these teams and programs are competing at a very high level, if not for championships. With these two simple, yet powerful concepts, I aim to transform the Associated Student Government into what it needs to be: a positive force of change and unity in our community.

3. What specific programs do you wish to continue or implement at the college?
One of my largest goals would be to implement a structured mentorship program for students. Professors and graduate students from UCSB (or perhaps even further) would come to City College to “show off” their majors; demonstrating to students the importance of staying committed to their education and exposing them to the real rewards that come with a higher level education. A program like this could inspire students and give them a much more real vision of the direction their majors are going; as well as provide students with important networking with high-level people in their respective fields. I would also like to implement a more formal “study group” system, by perhaps creating more areas for groups to study, as many of the library rooms fill quickly. Lastly, I think school pep-rallies would be an amazing way to create a much more friendly atmosphere on campus, and create a support network for our athletes and representatives of this campus.

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 Nicholas Steil

Name: Nicholas Steil
Major: Political Science and Mathematics

1. What are your interests of study here at SBCC?
I love SBCC! That being said my interests of study here on our beautiful campus include my academic majors of political science and mathematics. I also try to put what I am learning in my political studies to use in real life through my current position as our Associated Student Government Student Trustee. I also utilize my acquired mathematical knowledge by tutoring Algebra in our SBCC Mathematics Lab. I feel that by applying what I have learned through my studies to what I enjoy doing in life has allowed me to grow not only as a student but also as a person.

2. What ideas do you have to offer to the senate and the school?
I have many ideas to offer our student senate that I feel will be effective and that I have personally seen work at colleges through my involvement in local, regional and state level student government. Last year I was able to pass a resolution through our student government called the LASTS resolution which is calling on our college to provide shower access to students in a financial or housing crisis. This year I have been working hard through the Student Senate for California Community Colleges on a resolution to see this program realized on the state level. I also plan to keep pushing for a spot on our campus for a student-run food bank to help hungry students get the nourishment they need. On another note, I also hope to carry out a movement of more sustainable practices on our campus by encouraging our district to reach for LEED certification levels when constructing any new projects and to take into account student opinions when it comes to their design.

3. What specific programs do you wish to continue or implement at the college?
With my involvement over the last school year at the state level of student governance I have been able to participate in, and learn effective strategies across a number of key areas; mainly student event planning, student advocacy and participatory governance. I plan to use this knowledge to promote student activities and events on campus which will engage our student body and create an atmosphere of inclusiveness amongst all. I will also work to empower our student body by not only analyzing current proposed state legislation which could directly affect community college students (Legislative bills such as AB-3 and SB-186), but by also setting up legislative visits to voice our students concerns to our state representatives. Finally, but probably most importantly, I plan to have the voices of the entire student body heard by our SBCC administration and faculty by keeping our participatory governance committees fully staffed and producing/filing committee reports regularly. This will enable us to provide better institutional memory for future senators and will keep our activities as senators transparent to our constituents; you the Santa Barbara City College Student Body.

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Candidates for Vice President Senate Affairs


Mark Unger

Name: Mark Unger 
Major:  Business 

1.What are your interests of study here at SBCC? 
My interests revolve around working with people and finding creative solutions to problems. I am a Marketing and Business major going into my second year at SBCC with a wide range of subjects already under my belt. I have taken classes in design, psychology, marketing communications and piano to name a few.

 2. What ideas do you have to offer to the senate and the school?
My priority as Vice President of Senate Affairs is the establishment of a more robust and inviting student body community. The importance of getting students involved in the first class programs offered at the school is crucial because it will increase the reach of these programs and promote school wide interactions. The steps to achieving a more connected student body are simple. We have to get the necessary information on joining these wonderful organizations to the student body. By establishing a more open channel of communication the Student Senate will be able to provide the students with opportunities and connections with the senate and their peers.

3. What specific programs do you wish to continue or implement at the college?
In an effort to increase communications a more thorough use of the Senate website, social media and tabling practices must be implemented. These channels of communication are essential for understanding the needs of the student body and supplying them with the information necessary to take advantage all of the schools opportunities. As of the candidates meeting there were less candidates then available positions. That means there is not enough information available to students who are interested in being student representatives but do not know how to join. My first actions as Vice President of Senate Affairs will entail increasing the flow of information to the students to show my Commitment to our school Community.

 Josh Villanueva

Name: Josh Villanueva
Major: Engineering

  • Establish a Food Bank or a “Feed a Vaquero Program” to support students that are homeless or are in need on campus
  • Spread awareness of our Associated Student Government on campus so students can better represent themselves
  • Extend the library hours at Luria Library
  • Advocate for better housing situations within Santa Barbara and Isla Vista
  • Advocate to increase staffing of the Academic Counseling Center in order to meet the needs of the 26,000 plus SBCC students during and before their academic semester begins
  • Improve accessibility to pipeline through mobile access
  • Improve the sustainability effort on campus by supporting the use of biodegradable resources in our cafeterias, advocate for the installation of more hydration stations, and working with food services to support a compost pile on campus
  • Increase the amount of student representation on a state level to help implement laws and policies to better represent Santa Barbara City College students
  • Collaborate with clubs and Athletics on campus to integrate a bigger sense of school spirit and pride on campus
  • Work with the athletics department to make sure student athletes are being equally represented
  • Work with the tutoring labs on campus to create a more efficient environment for students
  • Increase the support for transportation alternatives such as advocating for bike/skateboarding lanes on campus and increase the amount of SBCC facilitated van pools
  • Decrease the parking overflow during Monday-Thursday by working with Program and Land Use Master Plan Committee to open up more classes on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Further support student orientated programs such as DSPS, STEM, ESL, MESA, EOPS, and Honors in order to maintain their success on campus.
  • Work with food services to better the food options and advocate for better price options on campus
  • Collaborate with student advocate programs, to address sexual assault awareness on campus and within Isla Vista, such as planned parenthood 

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Candidates for Student Advocate

Joanna Alvarez

Joanna Alvarez
Major: Sociology

1. What are your interests here at SBCC?
I have taken a wide range of classes here at SBCC, some of my main interests include anything in the Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences department.

2.What ideas do you have to offer to the senate and the school?
My main goal is to improve the sense of community here at SBCC, because many of our student body resides in Isla Vista, I would like to work on the bettering our connection to UCSB in order to create a more cohesive public. I also hope to start representing students more on a statewide and federal level especially now that there is federal reforms concerning the fate of community college students.

3. What specific programs do you wish to continue or implement at the college?
I’m a strong supporter of programs such as EOPS, TAP, ESL, and other similar programs that help provide opportunities for underrepresented students. I anticipate exposing more students to programs that would aid them and work to improve the availability of tutors and other resources in the LRC.

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Maggie Cabrera

Name: Maggie Cabrera
Major: Sociology

1. What are your interests of study here at SBCC?
First and foremost, I would say people! I am a people person through and through and enjoy interacting with others on campus whether it’s passing by and saying hi to others or settling down for some conversation with the usual sarcastic comments - I love being around people regardless. Hearing others out or listening to someone who can offer me a new perspective is always exciting for me. Yet, while I do love connecting with others, I also have a passion for living an active lifestyle, philanthropy, social activism, and photography. As a Sociology major, I am deeply passionate about issues that are near and dear to me, especially those that concern areas of human rights and equality and I believe it is up to us to change the current motions of a system that violates these areas. But if I’m not voicing these issues then I’m usually either hiking, at the beach or having some fun with a camera and my friends.

2. What ideas do you have to offer to the senate and the school?
Taking new approaches! While I do believe that being consistent and having a set of procedures lined up is important, I am also not afraid to take leaps outside of my comfort zone. I am not afraid in taking up a new challenge that will offer efficient and innovative methods to approach whatever the task at hand is. However, I feel that student involvement can be improved in terms of the community and SBCC. By offering information, opportunities, and awareness, I feel that student involvement and input would make an enormous difference and that students would truly feel that they are a crucial factor within the community and SBCC where they feel that they are being heard.

3. What specific programs do you wish to continue or implement at the college?
There are so many amazing programs here at SBCC that are both beneficial and are willing to go above and beyond for those within the program but I am a big fan of the DSPS, EOPS, and TAP programs. DSPS is a crucial and necessary program for many of our students and I think that by continuing to implement and support this program, it will continue to lift up students who have certain needs that need to be met. EOPS is also a vital program that helps to provide services and resources for students who don’t quite have the same opportunities to be part of the lucky few that have the favorable circumstances in having higher education be a feasible event. By offering support and resources, it is a worthy investment that will continue to empower those who are pursuing higher education and need the services. Lastly, the Transfer Achievement Program is a major program that sustains the educational goals of many on campus and gives countless students the information, support, and resources they need in obtaining their educational goals. Those who are work for TAP are willing to go to any means to help their students and that speaks volumes about them because they genuinely want to see their students succeed; because of this and many more reasons, I would like to see this program be continued. From my time here at SBCC, I have yet to see a program that isn’t beneficial for the student body, however, I would like to see more student involvement and input to continue these types of incredible programs and take advantage of them!

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Keisha Talamera

Name: Keisha Talamera
Major: Business Administration

1. What are your interests of study here at SBCC?

Business Administration

Business Management


2. What ideas do you have to offer to the senate and the school?
The ideas that I have to offer to the Senate and the School are a number of solutions on how to help students improve their study habits, how to stay motivated throughout the semester and to help bring our community together as a whole.

3. What specific programs do you wish to continue or implement at the college?
The College Achievement Program (CAP) and the Transfer Achievement Program (TAP) are the programs that I wish to continue at the college because CAP is committed to achieving the academic success of students and once accepted into the program, students are given opportunity to work with a mentor who is dedicated to seeing students thrive and attain both personal and academic goals while as TAP has a number of amazing counselors who are dedicated to assisting students obtain information about colleges they are seeking to transfer to as well as helping students through the whole application process. In addition to CAP and TAP, I also wish to continue all other programs that we currently have because each one of them caters to the different needs of our student body. Since we have such a diverse community, it is essential to the success of students to have different programs available to them like the Disabled Student Program and Services (DSPS), the     International Student Support Program (ISSP), the Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) and many more.

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