Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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Applications are continually accepted from qualified applicants.  There is not an application deadline.  Qualified applicants will be added to the existing wait list, which extends out to fall 2022 at this time.

A maximum of 20 students are admitted to each cohort.  A new cohort begins every two years in the fall semester; 2018, 2020, 2022 etc. The number of admitted students is based on the number of clinical sites that will accommodate our students. Our clinical sites are as far north as Templeton and as far south as Burbank. 


If you have completed the below listed program prerequisites:

1.  Apply to the college. http://www.sbcc.edu/apply/apply_to_college.php

2.  Submit applications to: SBCC, Health Technologies Office, 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA  93109.  

3.  Submit official transcripts from colleges other than SBCC to the Admissions Office at SBCC. 

 Sonography Prerequisite Options:

1.   Completion of a two-year allied health education program that is patient-care related (RT, RN, PT etc.).

Program must have been:  full-time, 24 months, and included 6 months of clinical experience.


2.   Bachelor's degree 


3.   MD or DO degrees from in or outside the U.S., equivalent to those
       of the U.S. and Canada


In addition to one of the above, the following prerequisites must be completed before applying to the program with a passing grade of C or better:

  • Human Anatomy (e.g. BMS 107) 4 units
  • Human Physiology (e.g. BMS 108) 4 units
  • General Physics (e.g. PHYS 101, OR PHYS 102, or higher, OR RT 119 if completed a radiology program)
  • Intermediate Algebra (e.g. Math 107), Statistics or higher mathematics (e.g. MATH 117, PSY 150, MATH 120, or higher)
  • Communication (e.g. ENG 110, or 110H, or COMM 131 or 131H)

 The following may be taken concurrently with the program but must be completed with a passing grade of C or better prior to the start of DMS 148:

  • Medical Terminology: (e.g. HIT 135) 3 units - an equivalent course may be found at most Community Colleges.
  • Patient Care (e.g. RT 120) 3 units - offered fall semester at SBCC
  • Cross Sectional Anatomy (e.g. RT 250) 2 units - offered fall semester at SBCC
  • Note:  RT 120 and RT 250 may be taken the fall semester prior to starting the program with program approval.



After acceptance to the DMS program, and before entering, students are required to: 

1.  Attend a mandatory orientation meeting the semester prior to entry (accepted students will be notified individually of the date and time).

2.  Student must have a physical exam done by a physician of their choice using the SBCC physical exam form, which will be handed out at orientation.

3.  Submit results of a current negative TB test, and update annually.

4.  Submit lab results showing proof of immunity to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (the MMR vaccination).

5.  Submit lab results showing proof of immunity to Hepatitis B.  Note:  The Hepatitis B vaccination is given in three doses over a six month period.

6.  Submit proof of having received the Tdap vaccination.

7.  Submit lab results showing proof of immunity to varicella.

8.  Submit proof of having received the influenza vaccination each flu season.

9.  Submit a copy of a CPR card, which must be kept current throughout the program.

10. Pass a background check.

11. Pass a drug screening.


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