Allied Health and Nursing Lab

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Nursing Lab Rules

  • You must have your student identification card to use the lab.
  • You will need to scan the bar-code on your student identification card to check in and out on the computer at the lab entry.
  • Individuals using the Allied Health and Nursing Lab shall adhere to the rules of conduct in the lab. Violations may result in disciplinary action.
  • Students using the computer lab must comply with the College Policies for Student Use of Computers and Networks. Links to the SBCC Electronic Communications Policies, SBCC Student Use Policy, and the Student Conduct Policy can be found on SBCC's Computer Resources page.
  • Apparel and footwear should be clean and appropriate to the activity being performed.
  • Noise level shall be controlled to maintain an optimum work/study atmosphere.
  • Children are not allowed in the Allied Health and Nursing Laboratory.
  • Food and drink are allowed only in the main room. Nothing past the cubbies.
  • Immediately upon entering the lab, backpacks and outerwear must be stored in the cubbies.
  • Backpacks must remain in the cubbies. They may never be taken into the video or computer room.
  • Only one multimedia program at a time is to be removed from the shelf.
  • Multimedia programs are to be returned to the shelf in the correct order.
  • No videos may be borrowed, as they are needed for all students.
  • All practice equipment and supplies are to be returned to the storage area in proper order.
  • After practicing or being evaluated, patient units are be left neat and tidy as one would in the hospital.
  • Malfunctioning equipment and/or inadequate practice supplies shall be reported to the Nursing Laboratory Coordinator or LTA-RN.
  • Copying any software from the computer lab is illegal. Anyone attempting to copy software will face disciplinary action from SBCC. Software piracy may also result in legal action from the Software Publishers Association.
  • Installation of software on lab computers is NOT allowed. System configuration changes are also not allowed.
  • Displaying sexually explicit, graphically disturbing, or sexually harassing images or text is considered misuse of computers and will be reported to campus authorities.

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