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Study Abroad Program


If you are attending the Summer 2018 (Session II) Study Abroad Program “Communication and Film Studies in Japan...

Please consider taking Japanese 101 in Spring 2018. We offer JAPN101 in Summer 2018 (Session II), which is the same time as your trip to Japan, so the best time is next spring semester.

We are planning to offer three JAPN101 classes:

  1. MW 10:30 am-12:50 pm
  2. TR 3:30 pm-5:50 pm
  3. TR 1:00 pm-3:20 pm

In JAPN101, you will learn expressions which you can use on your trip:

  • daily greetings
  • introducing yourself
  • talking about your daily life
  • asking for directions
  • shopping
  • eating at a restaurant

It will be much more fun in Japan if you can speak Japanese!


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