Meeting: Wednesday 3:30 - 4:30 pm at H240 in the Humanities Building on EAST CAMPUS

President: Shyan Shafii
Vice President: Juliette Kojima
Supervisors: Kumi Hashimoto & Miho Craft

                                         created by a club artist Mei


Club Fair on 2/14/2018 (10 am - 2 pm) on East Campus

We had a good time showing how to make Japanese origami.  Since today is Valentine's Day, we folded origami hearts.

Origami Valentine Hearts

Many origami items

Japanese Culture Club desk.

International Food Fair on 10/13/2017 (2 - 4 pm) at Antioch University

We had a Japanese food booth. We made Onigiri (rice balls) with various kinds of ingredients for more than 200 guests. Many club members came to help us out. Some people made rice balls for the first time but really had a good time. We also served barley tea.

There are many kinds of food from 15 different countries, too.

food display
Japanese food selection
rice ball making
chatting with visitors