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Any applicant who does not meet the entrance requirements may write a letter of appeal to the "Radiography Appeals Committee" stating why the applicant feels the application should be reconsidered. Send the appeal to:

Radiography Appeals Committee-SBCC
721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109


The Health Technologies Counselors can assist an applicant in planning course schedules, evaluating previous-taken general education courses, etc. Make an appointment through the Counseling Office, 965-0581 x2285.

Returning & Transfer Students

  • Returning and transfer students who have been previously enrolled in the SBCC Radiography Program or another state-accredited Radiography Program may transfer into, or re-enter the SBCC Radiography Program one time only .
  • Transfer students must follow approved application procedures and meet all admission requirements. A transfer application form will be made available on request.
  • Returning students must submit a written request for readmission to the program.
  • Re-entry students who left the program in good standing will have priority over transfer students.

Information for Students impaired by Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, and/or Emotional Illness

Students impaired by the illnesses of alcoholism and drug abuse, or emotional illness, and who do not seek treatment, are subject to disciplinary action and may be prevented from obtaining certification.

Any SBCC Radiography student whose function is impaired by alcoholism or drug abuse will be urged to seek treatment and will be dismissed should the alcoholism or drug abuse continue.

If, at any time, the student's conduct, or physical or emotional health is such that s/he is a potential threat to the well-being of patients, the student will be dismissed.

Information for Individuals Convicted of a Crime

In the event that an applicant has been convicted of a crime, licensure may be denied. Investigation of the crime will determine the extent to which the crime is related to the qualifications, function and duties of the licensee.


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