Santa Barbara City College
List of Available Housing

as of 9/25/2018

The inclusion of any apartment or agency on the list does not represent an endorsement of services or facilities, nor does it guarantee vacancies exist. Please be aware that SBCC does not assume responsibility for inspecting or supervising any housing facility.

The entries on this list are provided here as a service to our students. They are not provided by the college. We hope you find this list useful in your search.

KEY: wea = work exchange available, furn = furnished, sm-ok = smoking allowed, sm-os = smoking allowed outside, sh-bth = shared bath, pv-bth = private bath, laun = laundry, sh-ut = shared utilities, ut-inc = utilities included, pvt ent = private entrance, pk-st = street parking, pk-cov = covered parking, da = disabled access

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Contact Phone Roomate Pref Rent Deposit Location Description Date Avail
Francisco 858-353-8205 (Max 5) 925 0 Walk SBCC Shared Room In Apartment  pv-bth/laun/sh-ut/ut-inc/da 2018-10-4
Kelsey 8056854115 (Max 4)Female
700 500 Walk SBCC Shared Room In Apartment  sh-bth/laun/sh-ut/ut-inc/ 2018-09-17
Linda 805-455-1430 (Max 1)Female
850 400 Mesa Room In House  pv-bth/laun/ut-inc/pk-st/ 2018-10-1
Francisco 8583538205 (Max 1) 900 Walk SBCC Room In Apartment  pv-bth/laun/sh-ut/ut-inc/da 2018-10-1
Mehmet 805-448-1844 (Max 1)Female
1700 2250 San Roque Room In House  pv-bth/laun/sh-ut/ut-inc/ 2018-10-1
Sean 770 315 6976 (Max 2)Female
1050 2100 Mesa Room In House  sm-ok/sh-bth/laun/sh-ut/pk-cov/da 2018-10-14
Dennis 805-966-5659 (Max 1)Male
1000 0 East Side Room In House  sh-bth/laun/sh-ut/ut-inc/pk-st/ 2018-09-21
kiki 8052599507 (Max 1)Female
925 500 Walk SBCC Shared Room In Apartment  sh-bth/laun/sh-ut/ut-inc/pk-st/ 2018-09-11