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Welcome to History

History is the disciplined study of the human past. Santa Barbara City College offers a varied and integrated curriculum in history. For the major, the History Department provides the opportunity to pursue creative, critical and analytical historical thought in a rigorous manner. For the non-major, the History Department's courses offer enrichment, support and perspective to the student's major field of interest. Central to the liberal arts, history supplies a solid foundation for business, legal studies and education, as well as graduate study. Introductory courses normally precede more specialized offerings.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Incorporate evidence derived from primary and secondary sources to support a thesis
  2. Evaluate historical evidence for bias and for relevance to major historical issues and controversies
  3. Identify change over time, cross-cultural connections, and links between past and present

Faculty & Offices

Matt Mooney, Chair (WCC 132, ext. 4744)

Justina Buller (WCC 130, ext. 5145)

David Elliott (WCC 133, ext. 2480)

Danielle Swiontek, (WCC 131, ext. 3736)

Dr. Priscilla Mora, Dean of Arts and Humanities (BC 217), ext. 2354)



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