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Does a Great Books course add to my workload?

No. The reading and writing requirements are the same as for all other SBCC courses.

How are Great Books courses distinguished
in the schedule of classes?

Student reading

Great Books courses are listed alongside regular courses and do not carry a distinguishable identifier in the Schedule of Classes
GB courses are listed on the Great Books website: click on the link for "Courses." You may also locate eligible course listings on the insert in the GB brochure. Brochures are available outside the English Department office, 3rd floor IDC Building. Also, look for brochures across the campus: in the information kiosks on East and West Campus; the LRC and the Luria Library. Ask your academic counselor for a brochure.  SBCC offers GB classes in English, Philosophy, Theatre Arts, and Political Science 132.

Must I major in English in order to take a Great Books course?

No. The Great Books Curriculum is open to all SBCC students. In fact, we encourage students from all academic backgrounds to consider our courses and to acquaint yourself with these enduring -- and provocative -- works.

How do I enroll for a Great Books course?

As soon as registration opens for next semester's classes, check out the upcoming GB class listings on the Great Books website. Courses are listed by both instructor's name and the CRN code for the class.  You may find that a course you are planning to enroll in has already been designated a GB course!

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