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GEOG 101: Physical Geography
(3) F, S -CSU, UC
Skills Advisories: MATH 1 and ENG 103

A spatial study of Earth's dynamic physical systems and processes. Interrelationships between the basic elements of the physical and human environments are examined, including geology (plate tectonics; volcanoes and earthquakes), geomorphology (formation and modification of landforms; river, coastal, and glacial processes), meteorology (Earth's atmosphere; weather and climate), and hydrology (water on Earth).

GEOG 101L: Physical Geography Laboratory
(1) F, S -CSU, UC
Skills Advisories: MATH 1 and ENG 103
Co-requisites: GEOG 101/ERTH 141

Laboratory approach to a combination of earth science disciplines, including cartography, geology, geomorphology, meteorology and oceanography. Remote sensing techniques are utilized in 75% of laboratory activities. (CAN GEOG 6 [with GEOG 101 or ERTH 141])

GEOG 102: Human Geography
(3) F, S - CSU, UC
Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 110 or ENG 110H or ENG 110GB

An interpretation of the cultural elements of the geographic landscape and the study of human's changing relationship with the environment. Investigates culture and human processes as seen in global patterns of population and migration patterns, language, religion, political and economic systems, urbanization, and human impact on the physical world.

GEOG 104: World Regional Geography
(3) F, S, Summer - CSU, UC
Skills Advisory: Eligibility for ENG 103

A global survey of cultural regions, people and environments. Geographic methodologies are employed to evaluate people, resources, landscapes, livelihoods, and economies across eight major geographic regions. The gap between developed and undeveloped economies, the global roles and interconnections of countries and regions, and the conflicting pressures between cultural diversity and globalization are analyzed.

GEOG 105: Economic Geography
(3) F, S - CSU, UC
Skills Advisories: MATH 1 and ENG 103

Designed for students majoring in Geography. Addresses regional patterns of principal economic activities of the world, with an emphasis on economic development and the problems of urbanization, transportation and the environment.

GEOG 106: Geography Of California
(3) F, S - CSU, UC
Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 110 or ENG 110H or ENG 110GB

A non-technical survey of the wide variety of natural and human environments found in California. Includes a regional study of physical landscapes, economic activities, characteristics of population, cities and rural areas, and current environmental problems. California's interaction with other parts of the U.S. and world is also covered.

GEOG 152: Weather and Climate
(3) F, S - CSU, UC
Skills Advisories: ENG 103 and Math 95

Fundamentals of meteorology, including the nature of the atmosphere, solar radiation and energy balances, circulation of the atmosphere, air masses and fronts, atmospheric moisture, clouds and fog, precipitation, cyclones, weather analysis and forecasting, climate, and climate change.

GEOG 152L: Weather and Climate Laboratory
(1) F, S - CSU, UC
Skills Advisories: Proficiency in MATH 95 and eligibility for ENG 103
Corequisites: GEOG 152 or ERTH 152

Laboratory approach to topics covered in the Weather and Climate lecture (ERTH 152/GEOG 152). Exercises introduce fundamentals of meteorology, including the nature of the atmosphere, circulation of the atmosphere, air temperature and humidity, and weather analysis and forecasting. Students collect and analyze a variety of environmental data.

GEOG 171: Introduction To Geographic Information Systems And Maps
(2) F - CSU, UC
Skills Advisories: MATH 4 and ENG 103
Co-requisites: GEOG 172 or ERTH 172

Techniques, tools and theories used to examine geographic information. Includes the structure, uses, and basic operations of a Geographic Information System (GIS). Cartography and cartographic design are incorporated, as well as overviews of aerial photography, remote sensing, and global positioning systems. Includes uses of GIS software in business, urban planning, resource management and scientific research.

GEOG 172: Geographic Information Systems: Software Applications
(2) S - CSU, UC
Skills Advisories: ENG 103; MATH 4
Corequisites: GEOG 171 or ERTH 171

Extensive practice with a GIS package, accompanied by exploration of the range of applications in which GIS is used (resource management, public works, business, planning, scientific research). Covers key skills for operating GIS software packages, including geographical data acquisition, creation, management, analysis and output.

GEOG 175: Raster GIS Applications
(2) F CSU
Prerequisites: ERTH 172 or GEOG 172 with a minimum grade of C
Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 103; MATH 4

Hands-on introduction to basic raster concepts, using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension within the ArcGIS environment. The underlying methodology required to solve real world problems is explored through a series of extensive course projects. Key skills in data acquisition, surface creation techniques, map algebra, database design and result reporting are covered.

GEOG 299: Independent Study In Geography
(1-3) F, S - CSU, UC*

Limitation on Enrollment: Completion of a minimum of 12 units at SBCC, with a 2.5 G.P.A., and a minimum of 6 units, with a 3.0 G.P.A. within the department For complete information, see "Independent Study" in the Catalog Index. (*UC transfer limit: 299 computed as Independent Study; please see counselor)

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