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Genevieve B. Anderson


Annual Faculty Lecturer 2001-2002


Genevieve (Genny) Bockus Anderson was the oldest of five children born within seven years to Janet and Bill Bockus. Growing up without a television, her parents replaced this activity with sports, hiking and camping, resulting in exceptionally close family ties. Genny developed an early appreciation for nature through this lifestyle that became focused on the ocean during high school.


Genny attended UCSB right out of high school and received her B.A. degree in Zoology in 1968. Most of her zoological studies were marine oriented, and she developed a special love for intertidal marine animals. Her favorite animals were marine slugs, known as nudibranchs. She continued her studies at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, in Monterey Bay, receiving her Master's degree in Marine Ecology in 1971. Her research was on two species of marine slugs - Corambe pacifica and Doridella steinbergae. Her work is still considered one of the most comprehensive studies of these two species.


During her college years at UCSB Genny learned to SCUBA dive while working at the Undersea Gardens, a marine aquarium, in Santa Barbara in the 1960s. She continued her SCUBA diving with SBCC students and yearly international marine biology trips with her husband, Shane (also a marine biologist).


After college Genny worked as an environmental consultant for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), in 1971, creating the baseline beach surveys for Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties. These surveys are used today for historical comparison studies. Genny began teaching part-time at SBCC and UCSB in 1972. She found a particular fondness for teaching marine biology to beginning students, which has continued to the present.


In 1982 Genny was hired as the full-time Marine Biology Instructor at SBCC. For over 15 years her position also included teaching unique SCUBA diving labs in Biological Oceanography for SBCC Marine Technology students. Genny continues to teach Marine Biology, Biological Oceanography and Natural History, three popular general education courses for non-majors. In 1984 Genny developed the Biological Sciences Departmental Marine Science Award. This one-year certificate gives credit to students who take general marine-oriented classes in Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Health Education, and Marine Technology. She chaired the Biological Sciences Department at SBCC from 1990 to 1993, served two terms on Rep Council (the college governing body that was the precursor of the current Academic Senate) representing the Sciences, and has served on several college committees. Genny took a sabbatical leave in 1989 to write lab manuals for her classes that she continues to update each semester. For three summers Genny represented SBCC at the UCSB Materials Research Lab, participating as both a research intern and a faculty adviser in the unique program called City College Interns in Material Research (CCIMR). Her research project involving cell culture was particularly challenging and a wonderful opportunity for her to learn new biological techniques.


The most recent highlight and challenge in Genny's career came with the advent of the Internet. In 1998 Dr. Larry Jon Friesen, Chair of the Biological Sciences Department, and Genny teamed up to produce the first fully online SBCC Internet class. Their Biology 120 (Natural History) course continues to be fully subscribed each semester. After this Genny has been creating online presentations for her traditional classes, using her photographs. These presentations are a unique way to give students an opportunity to review special course material not available in their textbooks. This has become her new area of interest, and all of her spare time at work is devoted to this.


Since 1982 Genny and her husband have traveled to many distant ports to study marine biology and take photographs for Genny's classes. These include the Galapagos Island, the Caribbean, Alaska, Australia, and South Pacific and Antarctica. They have been able to share most of these marine adventures with their two (now grown) children, Marah and Michael, who currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. Genny constantly feels the she is incredibly lucky to have a fabulous big family, wonderful friends, a job that she looks forward to each day, and be located in a unique place so she can share her love for the ocean with family, friends, and student.


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