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Mr. Henry Bagish

Annual Faculty Lecturer 1980-1981

A NATIVE of New Jersey, Henry H. Bagish was graduated from Clifford J. Scott High School, East Orange, N.J., with High Honors, in 1942. He attended Rutgers University, then enlisted in the U.S. Army and served in the Philippines in World War II. After the war, he came to California to continue his education, earning his bachelor's degree at UCSB in 1948 and his master's degree and teaching credential at UCLA in 1949.

MR. BAGISH began his teaching career at Glendale College in 1949, then came to Santa Barbara Junior (now City) College in 1951. In those early years, when the college was very small, he taught history, economics, English, psychology and philosophy, in addition to his primary fields of sociology and anthropology. He also taught courses at UCSB and Westmont College.

AT SANTA BARBARA City College, in addition to teaching, Mr. Bagish served as adviser for student activities and student government. An ardent advocate of a strong faculty voice in the formulation of college policies, he participated in the creation of the Instructors Association and, later, the Academic Senate. He served as the first president of the Instructors Association and the second president of the Academic Senate. He has also served as chairman of the Social Science Division, the Sociology/ Anthropology Department, and has been a member of most college and Academic Senate committees. He has been involved in the creation of many college policies, such as the institution's sabbatical leave policy.

ON THE STATE and regional levels, Mr. Bagish served on a liaison committee linking community colleges and the University of California. He has participated as a member of many accreditation teams for colleges in California and Hawaii. On the national level, he delivered a paper on decision-making in community college education to a national conference of the American Association for Higher Education, and was later appointed by that organization to its Task Force on Faculty Representation and Academic Negotiations, which conducted a nationwide study-publishing the results under the title, "Faculty Participation in Academic Governance." He also served on an advisory committee for the College Entrance Examination Board in establishing the College Level Examination Program, designed to provide a national system of college credit by examination.

THE SPEAKER married Frances Hombach, a native Santa Barbaran, in 1952, and they had three children, Frank, Alan and Mrs. Stephanie Hebert. The family has traveled extensively throughout North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania as a result of Mr. Bagish's ongoing anthropological research-the goal of which is to enrich and broaden his students' learning experiences at Santa Barbara City College.

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