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What is a “Learning community”?

A “Learning Community” (LC) is a group of students and specially selected courses that are combined together to improve your learning. Your classmates and you are completely immersed in the subjects in order to advance through your coursework quickly. You attend classes as a group, work closely with your classmates, and learn from each other. There is specialized support inside and outside of the classroom.

What classes are a part of the Learning Communities?

Our Learning Communities have been designed to assist you with your pathways in English, math, and English as a Second Language (ESL). For Fall 2016, the Learning communities are:

• English 75, English 88, or English 110/120-89

• Math 95/107, Math 107/120 or Math 107/117

What am I required to do?

• Enroll in the complete Learning Community (4-10 units)

• Be a full-time student (between 12 & 15 units) and stay with us throughout the semester

• Make a personal commitment to your success

Why do I want to be a part of this program – what are the benefits?

The Express to Success Program (ESP) provides the opportunity for you to move through the required classes quickly. Think of ESP as an express lane allowing you to get through the classes that lead to college-level courses more quickly. For example, in one semester you can complete Math 107 (Intermediate Algebra) and Math 117 (Statistics) in the same semester. Or you can complete English 98 and 110 in the same semester! In addition to proven success academically, some of the benefits are:

  • High success rates
  • Book grants for students who are Veterans or are receiving the BOG tuition waiver (subject to funding)
  • Tutoring support in and outside of class
  • Special ESP advisors and counselors dedicated to your success throughout the semester
  • Acceleration in math or English by completing two levels in one semester

How do I sign up?

Contact the ESP at (805) 730-4274. We will review assessment scores, educational goals, and determine which and if a Learning Community will fit into the student’s goals. Students will need to complete the ESP intake form (, attend a Registration Advising Session (RAS) and then complete a Student agreement. The ESP staff will then provide the student with the necessary CRNs (add codes, if needed) and clear students of the ESP course registration blocks.

I tried to register into one of the LC courses and a warning text indicates that I must sign up for the Learning Community. Can I sign up for just one of the Learning Community courses without being in the program?

No, the concept of the LC is that the courses are linked and that students are in the same LC classes with the same group of students. Therefore students must qualify and sign up for the ESP program and take all the required LC courses.

Are International students eligible for ESP?

Yes, International students are eligible and welcomed into the program.

  • All students MUST have an English 70 and 80 placement or higher.
  • Math students MUST have a Math 095 placement or higher.
  • Students must be enrolled as a full time student (minimum 12 units) and take no more than a total of 15 units during the semester the student is enrolled in ESP. This total includes units taken at another college during the same semester.
  • Students must make a personal commitment to their academic success.
  • Students must receive counselor approval before they withdraw from any classes.
  • Students must agree to actively participate in a Learning Community and have strong listening and speaking skills.

I’m an AB 540 student. Am I eligible for the program?

Yes, AB540 students are eligible and welcomed into the program.

 Do I need to pay the Tuition, Health and Transportation fees?

Yes, all ESP students are still required to pay fees (unless you are a recipient of the SBCC Promise). Aside from these, there are no additional fees incurred as being part of ESP.

Are there book grants available to pay for my books?

Yes, ONLY for BOG tuition waiver recipients and Veteran students. You are required to purchase the books that are outside of ESP and that are not linked to an LC.

I’m part of a special program (EOPS, STEM, TAP, Athletics, DSPS, VETS, International, etc.), do I need to meet with an ESP counselor in addition to my special program counselor?

Yes, even though ESP counselors work in collaboration with the counselors from special programs, students are required to sign up for ESP by attending a Registration Advising Session (RAS) and meeting with an ESP counselor. However, during the semester students should meet with their special program counselor as may be required by those programs.

How do students sign up?

Students who are interested in registering for an ESP LC are required fill out an intake form (, attend a 90-minute mandatory Registration Advisement Session (RAS), complete the student-program agreement and attend the Mandatory Program Orientation.

What are the requirements to join?

Some specific requirements that a student must commit to are:

  • You must be able to register for Fall 2016 classes on the date you attend our RAS.
  • You must have all student holds cleared before attending a RAS.
  • You must ensure that you have not attempted the course you want to enroll in more than the maximum 3 times allowed.
  • You must have completed a math/English placement test & have the scores available.
  • If you have failed an LC or will not pass your current LC, you must complete an ESP petition prior to attending a RAS.
  • You must commit to enroll in 12 units and no more than 15 units for the semester.
  • Check with your special program: International, EOPS, DSPS, Veterans, and Athletics, etc. for approval.
  • You cannot withdraw from a LC core course without speaking to their instructor and counselor, if they withdraw from one LC course they will be dropped from all their LC courses, thus significantly affecting their financial aid.

These are requirements students must commit to (and a few others). When they attend a workshop, we have them complete a written agreement, the application and assign them a LC.

Do I need an ADD code to sign up for LC classes?

Some Learning Communities require an ADD code in order to enroll. CRN and ADD codes will be provided to you by ESP staff after you have attended a Registration Advising Session (RAS) in person or online (Webinar).

Is the English 110 & 120 combo still available?

The English 110 & 120 Learning community is actually an English 110-120-89 Learning Community Combo series. In this class, there are 10 ESP students taking the entire combo and 14 ESP students in only the 110-120 class. Students in the 110-120 only portion are still required to complete the ESP enrollment process.

Looking for more information?

Please contact the ESP office. We are located on the Santa Barbara City College campus in ECC-14. You may also call (805.730.4274) or email us at Our regular business hours are: Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 4:00PM.

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