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Middle College

Information Sheet

Middle College is a collaboration between Santa Barbara City College and the Santa Barbara High School District, particularly Alta Vista Alternative High School. Its purpose is to give high school students an opportunity to gain a range of skills that provide motivation and support for their lifelong personal, academic and social growth. Middle College targets students who are seeking methods other than those offered at traditional high schools for achieving a high school diploma; and who are interested in pursuing high academic endeavors and/or career exploration.

Middle College Information

  • Rigorous: This is a challenging program. The curriculum integrates cores standards with current issues and events. The student must be able to read articles from magazines and journals. Weekly assignments develop critical thinking skills and utilize a range of technology skills. All assignments must be word-processed.
  • Academic: In addition to the Independent Study portion of Middle College, each student must take and pass classes (3-9 units) at SBCC. Students will earn high school credits AND college units for all 3.0 (or more) unit classes taken at SBCC. Note: A college course that is equivalent in content to a two-semester high school course (such as certain math and science courses) will fulfill the subject requirement for one year’s worth of that high school course. 
  •  Enrollment: Students must withdraw from their comprehensive high school (SM, DP, SB) and enroll in Alta Vista Alternative High School.
  • Middle College graduates who have successfully completed all courses, testing and requirements for graduation through Middle College may choose to return to their local traditional high schools (DP, SB, SM) to receive their diplomas and/or to attend graduation ceremonies.
  • If a student does not succeed in Middle College, (s)he will be placed in Alta Vista Alternative program or returned to his/her home high school (if appropriate).
  •  Generally, upper classmen are given enrollment priority. This program is not for 9th graders.
  • Grading: For SBCC courses and high school courses taken via the Independent Study portion of Middle College students will be allowed to select whether they earn P/NP or letter grades at the SBCC P/NP deadline. 
  •  University Placement: It is our desire to help each student reach his/her goal: advancing to higher education, entering a vocational training school, or entering the world of work. Students interested in attending a 4-year college or university will be eligible to do so after completing the transfer requirements of that institution.

Financial Responsibilities:

  • Students must pay approximately $40 to SBCC for Health Fee & Transportation Fee (which gives the student FREE bus service 7 days a week).
  • Students must pay for all books and supplies required for SBCC courses.
  • Alta Vista Alternative High School will provide all books and materials required for completion of high school courses covered through the Independent Study portion of the program.

For an appointment or further information regarding the program, email Regina Freking or call (805) 897-3561.

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