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Success Strategies

The Academic Counseling Center sends weekly student success emails to those in their first semester. The information is provided when you need it based on the week of the semester. Although this correspondence is part of the First Year Experience, we as counselors believe the success strategies and information provided are relevant to any student!

Success Weekly Strategies

Week 1; 2012 - Welcome/How to Crash a Class
Week 2; 2012- How to get connected and participate
Week 3; 2012 - How to meet with a counselor and/or attend workshops
Week 4; 2012 - How to know if classes can be/should be taken pass/no pass
Week 5; 2012 - How to explore a major
Week 6; 2012 - How to use DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System)
Week 7; 2012 - How to decide before withdrawing from classes
Week 8; 2012 - How to plan courses for next semester
Week 9; 2012 - How to select courses on IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum)
Week 10; 2012 - How to utilize
Week 11; 2012 - How to register for classes pro-actively
Week 12; 2012 - How to end the semester successfully
Week 13; 2012 - How to choose classes to earn an AA degree and transfer simultaneously
Week 14; 2012 - How to be prepared when meeting with a counselor
Week 15; 2012 - How to study successfully for exams
Week 16; 2012 - How to use the Transfer Center effectively

Student Success Workshop Calendar

Be sure to take advantage of the many workshops offered at SBCC designed to help you succeed!  See the Learning Resource Center .

Success Tips and Tools

Time Management Strategies
Crashing a Class Successfully
Creating a Successful Semester

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