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Spring 2018 Clubs

Club Name Meeting Time and Place
2020 A Year Without War Thursdays, 4pm TBD
American Sign Language 3/19 5:15pm, 4/13 1pm, 4/18 5:15pm, 5/3 5:30pm
Animal Liberation Club Wednesdays at 1pm, TBD
Astronomy Club Wednesdays, 12:30pm Outside Campus Center Facebook
Biology Club 3rd Friday at 1:30pm in EBS 209 Facebook
Black Student Union Tuesdays at 1pm in CC 226 Facebook
Botany Club Fridays, 3pm in Atrium
Competitive Programming Fridays at 3pm in H 240
Computer Engineering Club Fridays at 1pm in PS 130 Facebook
Computer Science Club Fridays at 2:30pm in H 240
Creative Writing Club Wednesdays at 5pm in
CC 216 Club Room
Cultoure Magazine Club TBA
Deep Ecology Club Tuesdays, 2:30pm in
CC 216 Club Room
Energy Collective Fridays, 2:30pm in EBS 115
English Major Club Fridays, 1pm in IDC 222
EOPS Club Fridays at 11am in CC 226
Ethnic Studies Club Last Monday at 11:30am in WCC Conference Room
Finance Society TBD
Geology Club 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 1pm in
EBS 115
German Club Bi-Weekly, Tuesdays at 2:15pm in
H 300
Global International Studies Thursdays, 1pm in IDC 203
Hiking Club Varies, 2 x a month
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Wednesdays at 1pm in
CC 216 Club Room
Italian Club 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 3:30pm in H 302
Japanese Culture Club Mondays, 3:30pm in CC 226
Korean Culture Club Thursdays at 6pm in
CC 216 Club Room
Math Club Fridays, 1:30pm in IDC 110
Men In Nursing Club Every Other Monday at 12:30pm in
A 242
Men's Lacrosse Club Tues/Thurs at Dwight Murphy Field at 7pm
Neighbors Project 1st Friday at 3pm in EBS 202 Facebook
NeuroClub Every Other Friday at 11am in WCC 203 Facebook
Neurodiversity Club Fridays at 1:30pm in CC 216 Club  Room
Permaculture Club Fridays, 11am at West Campus Permaculture Garden
Philosophy Club Tuesdays at 4pm in WCC 104
Physics Club Fridays at 1pm in PS 117
Political Science Club TBD
Psychology Club Every Other Thursday, 230pm in CC 226
Radiology Club TBD
Robotics Club Tuesdays at 4:30pm in PS 116 Facebook
Rubik's Club TBD
Rugby TBD
SACNAS 1st Friday  at 8:30am in CC 226
SBCC's Critical Thinking Project Club Tues. and Fri. at 11am in CC 216 Club Room
Scuba Club TBD
SHPE Every Other Friday at 2:30pm in CC 226 Facebook
Spanish Club Every Other Monday at 3:30pm in H 302
Still I Rise Club Fridays, 11:30am in Atkinson Gallery
Student Nurses Association Every Other Monday at 12:30pm in
A 243
Student Sustainability Coalition Fridays, 11am in West Campus Garden
Student Veterans Association Every Other Thursday at 5pm in Vets Office
Super Smash Club Thursdays at 12:30pm in H 301
Supporting Women in Engineering @CC Fridays at 2:15pm in PS 128 Facebook
TAP Club Thursdays at 10am, TBD
Transfer Scholars Club Upcoming Events
Ukulele Club Wednesdays at 4pm on West Campus Hill
Virtural Reality Club Fridays, 3pm in Digital Meeting Lab
Wellness Connection Thursdays at 1pm in WCC 207

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