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Rules and Policies


In order to keep the computer labs running as an effective learning environment and to promote a spirit of mutual courtesy and respect, the CLRC has rules that must be followed.

  • Every student must check in at the LAC counter to use CLRC resources.
  • To check-in to a CLRC resource, a student must show his or her own valid SBCC photo ID and must be enrolled in the current semester.
  • Students who need to work in groups may sign up for open hours in CAI_1.
  • Students are required to check out of their workstation when they leave. Allowing someone else to use your ID to check in or use a computer you have checked into is a violation of lab rules.
  • Work on the computer must be related to assigned class work. Students using the computer for non-academic purposes will be asked to leave when the lab is in demand.
  • Game playing using CLRC computers is not allowed.
  • Printing of Internet documents is NOT allowed. Printing from the Internet may be done in the Library for a fee. For more details please review our Printing Policy
  • In order to keep printing a free service, students may print only one draft and one revised final copy of academic assignments. Print Preview should be used as much as possible to proofread documents on the screen before they are printed. Extra copies, non-academic documents, and course materials may be printed in the library for 10 cents per page. Please refer to the CLRC Printing Policy if you have questions.
  • The absolute safety of files stored on the network drive cannot be guaranteed. Students are responsible for keeping critical files on their own disks.
  • Report computer problems to a tutor; do not attempt to fix them yourself.

    Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with SBCC Standards of Student Conduct.
  • Disruptive behavior, such as shouting or cursing will not be tolerated.
  • Rude behavior towards CLRC staff will not be tolerated.
  • The lab is a quiet area. Talking should be minimal.
  • Please turn cell phones and pagers off or put in inaudible mode. Take all cell phone conversations outside.
  • Appropriate attire is required in the labs.
  • Students must leave workspaces clean - chair pushed in, garbage thrown away, etc.
  • Please recycle paper by placing it in the recycle baskets.
  • No Food or drink is allowed as they can damage computer equipment.
  • No children are allowed in the Cartwright Learning Resources Center.
  • Pets are not allowed in the CLRC. (This does not include guide dogs.)
  • Displaying inappropriate items is considered misuse of computers and will be reported to campus authorities. Examples of inappropriate items are sexually explicit, graphically disturbing, or harassing images or text.
  • Copying any software from the computer labs is ILLEGAL. Installation of software or configuration changes on lab computers is NOT allowed.
  • Do not unplug any computer station from the network. Do not plug laptops into the network.

    Students using the labs must comply with the SBCC Electronic Communications Policies and
    SBCC Student Use Policy of Computers and Networks.

**Violation of These Rules May Lead to Revocation of Lab Privileges,
Disciplinary Action from SBCC or other legal actions**

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