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Educational Programs Departments & Student Service Organizations

Jack Friedlander, Executive Vice President
Admissions & Records    Allison Curtis, Director; Wendy Overend, Supervisor

Pablo Buckelew, Dean
International Students    Carola Smith, Senior Director
Middle College    Regina Freking
Admissions Outreach Services    Pat Canning, Coordinator
Study Abroad    Carola Smith, Senior Director
Marketing    Karen Sophiea, Director
Olive Grove    Sherry Hahn

Jane Craven, Dean
Catalog and Scheduling Office     Nicole Gilbert
Cosmetology Academy    Jerrie Franco
English as a Second Lanuage    Paul McGarry

Erika Endrijonas, Dean / Betty Pazich, Associate Dean
Foster Care/Kinship/Independent Living    Judy Osterhage, Director
Kinko’s Early Learning Center    Holly Haws, Interim Director
Regional Health Occupations Resource Center (RHORC)    Marsha Roberson, Director
South Coast Regional Multimedia Education Center    Guy D. Smith, Director

Diane Hollems, Dean
Business & Industry Associates    Diane Hollems, Dean
Professional Development Center    Diane Hollems, Dean
Dual Enrollment Program     Carol Flores, Coordinator

Keith McLellan, Dean
Career Advancement Center    Christopher Phillips, Director
Counseling Center    Debbie Mackie/Oscar Zavala
Health & Wellness Center    Susan Broderick, Director
Personal Development    Keith McLellan, Dean/Scott Brewer, Counselor
Transfer Center    Kathie Adams, Director
Articulation    Laura Castro, Counselor
Matriculation    Keith McLellan, Dean

Benjamin Partee, Dean
Cal-SOAP    Sue Gleason, Director
CalWORKs    Benjamin Partee, Dean
EOPS/CARE    Marsha Wright, Director
Financial Aid    Brad Hardison, Director
Student Discipline    Benjamin Partee, Dean
Student Life    Ann Fryslie, Director
Multi-Cultural/Diversity Programs    Derrick Banks, Multi-Cultural/Student Services Officer

Marilynn Spaventa, Dean
Disabled Student Programs & Services    Janet Shapiro, Coordinator
Faculty Professional Development    Mark Ferrer, Director
Faculty Resource Center    Mark Ferrer & David Wong, Co-Directors
Online College    Marilynn Spaventa, Dean
Instructional Technology    David Wong, Director

Alice Scharper, Dean
College Achievement Program (CAP)    Jennifer Baxton/Sandy Starkey
Gateway to Success    Gerald Pike/Sheila Wiley
Honors Program    Melanie Eckford-Prosser
Learning Support Services    Gerald Pike, Director
Library    Kenley Neufeld, Director

Michael Warren, Associate Dean
Athletics     Michael Warren, Associate Dean & Director of Athletics

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