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This section includes descriptions of programs, departmental requirements and faculty listings.

Because the General Catalog must be prepared in advance of the college year it covers, it may not reflect recent changes in curricula, requirements and faculty listings. Because course descriptions are subject to change without notice, students should consult departments for current information. The Schedule of Credit Classes is the final authority in regard to classes offered and instructors of record.

Some courses are not offered every semester. The Schedule of Classes indicates when and where courses are offered. Students planning their schedules should contact departments to determine when courses are offered.

Course Listings Key

Semesters Offered Legend
F and S are placed after the unit value of courses to show when they are offered.
For one-semester courses (such as ENG 110):
F—Fall Semester only F, S—Both semesters
S—Spring Semester only
For two-semester (one-year) courses (such as MUS 104A-104B):
F-S—First course Fall Semester; second course Spring Semester
F, S—Both courses in both semesters

Course Lettering Legend
1. The letters A through D designate courses which are part of a general topic taught during a semester or over several semesters (i.e., one course taken over two or more semesters, or three modules of one course taken in one semester).
2. The letter L denotes lab courses for which a related lecture course is required in concurrent registration, or as a prerequisite.
3. The letter V designates courses which may be taken for variable units during a semester.
4. The letters HR are used to designate Honors Program courses.

Prerequisites for courses are stated where applicable. A student may not enroll in a course for which he/she is not eligible. Courses without prerequisite listings have NO prerequisites.

Transfer Code Designation
Courses that transfer for unit value to California four-year public institutions are noted as follows:
Diagram of sample course description
1. CSU—California State University
2. UC—University of California
3. UC*—Asterisk indicates a UC transfer limitation

Such limitations are usually listed within the course descriptions in this Catalog, but occasionally the student may need to consult with a counselor for details on more complicated limits.

For transferability of courses to the receiving institution’s graduation, General Education, pre-major and major requirements, check the requirements of the institution to which transfer is planned. Courses not transferable to one four-year college or university may be considered acceptable by other colleges or universities.

For detailed information regarding transferability of courses to the California State University, the University of California and independent colleges and universities, contact the Transfer Center, Room
SS-140, or refer to

Transfer Credit Limitation
Transfer credit limitations occur for some courses when taken in a particular sequence, or in combination with other courses. For those courses designated as having a transfer credit limitation, contact a counselor or the Transfer Center for specific limitations.


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