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Marine Diving Technology

The Marine Technology Program is designed to meet the growing needs of the marine and diving industries that are engaged in underwater construction, research and the worldwide development of marine resources. Graduates can pursue multiple marine career paths in marine and underwater technology working above and below the water with many types of sophisticated marine data collection instruments, diving and life-support equipment. Jobs vary from skilled divers working with all types of equipment above and below the water to the management of marine resources, mariculture, boating, SCUBA, oceanography, research and education. 

In addition to an associate degree and certificate program for Marine Diving Technician, the department offers a Skills Competency Award in Commercial Diving and ANSI and ADC Certifications.

This program will prepare students for working in the areas of marine technician, commercial diver, commercial diver/tender, underwater welder, hyperbaric technician, marine/offshore, construction, life support technician.

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SBCC Offerings

A.S. Degree in Marine Diving Technology
Certificates and Awards in increasing levels of competency.

*Information on job descriptions for these fields is pulled from Onet Online, a nationally maintained source of occupational information, and The California Employment Development Department (EDD) website. Visit these sites for additional occupation profiles, or explore the extensive career and major database, Eureka, that SBCC subscribes to at; create an account there using the SBCC site ID code: VUOHNDU.

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