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Computer Applications/Office Management

Emphasis in Business Software Specialist: A wide variety of career opportunities offer the well-trained professional the opportunity to function as a vital, integral part of the information management team. Positions are available in government agencies, large corporate offices, or small private companies. Completion of a variety of responsibilities requiring organization, communication, administrative and computer skills, and professionalism under supervision will be a part of the job description. Emphasis will be on ability to proficiently use Microsoft Office Professional.

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Emphasis in Office Management: This program will prepare students to manage a business office, whether as a manager of a department within a larger organization or as a small business owner.

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Skills Competency Awards:

SBCC Offerings

A.S. Degree and Certificates in Computer Applications, Office Management with Emphasis in Office Management, and Software
Awards and Certificates at increasing levels of competency.

EDD Occupational Guides *

Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

*Information on job descriptions for these fields is pulled from Onet Online, a nationally maintained source of occupational information, and The California Employment Development Department (EDD) website. Visit these sites for additional occupation profiles, or explore the extensive career and major database, Eureka, that SBCC subscribes to at; create an account there using the SBCC site ID code: VUOHNDU.

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