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Administration of Justice (School of Justice Studies)

Criminology Emphasis: Prepares students for a career in a law enforcement-related field (i.e., police officer, deputy sheriff, probation officer) and/or to transfer to Bachelor’s degree programs in Criminology, Criminal Justice, or related fields.

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Law Enforcement Emphasis: Prepares students for entry level positions in municipal and county law enforcement agencies (i.e. police or sheriff departments), and/or to transfer to Bachelor’s degree programs in Criminal Justice or related fields to prepare for federal or state level law enforcement positions (i.e., FBI, DEA, INS, etc.)

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Legal Studies Emphasis: Prepares students for a career in law (i.e. legal assistant, court reporter) or a law enforcement-related field and/or to transfer to Bachelor’s degree programs in Law, Criminal Justice or related fields and/or to qualify for admission to law school.

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Administration of Justice for Transfer: Prepares students to obtain foundational knowledge for transfer to a Bachelor's degree program in criminal justice. Students successfully completing an "associate' degree for transfer" are guaranteed admission to a California State University (CSU) campus (California Education Code sections 66746-6674).   

SBCC Offerings

Justice Studies at SBCC
A.A. / A.S. Degree and Certificates in Administration of Justice
Students choose from concentration in Law Enforcement, Legal Studies, or Criminology.

EDD Occupational Guides *

Correctional Officers and Jailers
Police and Sheriff Patrol Officers

*Information on job descriptions for these fields is pulled from Onet Online, a nationally maintained source of occupational information, and The California Employment Development Department (EDD) website. Visit these sites for additional occupation profiles, or explore the extensive career and major database, Eureka, that SBCC subscribes to at; create an account there using the SBCC site ID code: VUOHNDU.

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