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Neighborhood Task Force Implementation Team


The Neighborhood Task Force Implementation Team supports the goals of the Districts Neighborhood Task Force (NTF)

Click here to download the NTF document or Contact the Office of Communications for more information

The purpose of the SBCC Neighborhood Task Force (NTF) is to identify and institute long-term and sustainable strategies to address issues stemming from the rise in inappropriate student behaviors with the goal of promoting civility, neighborhood well being, community responsibility and good citizenship.

The NTF met over a period of four months from October 2014 through January 2015 in a series of six meetings. Throughout this process, NTF members and focus group participants were asked to: (i) identify the issues and challenges that exist in the relationship between students and the neighborhoods surrounding the SBCC campus; and (ii) suggest potential strategies and solutions for addressing the identified issues and challenges.

The NTF created its Implementation Team. This team meets to pursue top priority actions, N1, N2 and Q2 described below:

N1: Adapt the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Noise Abatement Ordinance Model or a model acceptable to the City of the Santa Barbara City Attorney.  

N2: Implement a Student Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP) following the Cal Poly-SLO Model. Hire students to work in the program, work with the Santa Barbara Police Department to coordinate the effort.

Q2: Build and strengthen relationships between students and long term residents.

NTF Implementation Team Members:

Chair is Luz Reyes-Martin, Executive Director Marketing and Communciations, Co-chair Lyndsay Maas, Vice President Business Services
2 Santa Barbara Police Department (including SNAP coordinator)
2 Community representatives
2 Student Life Administrators

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