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Textbook Refund Policy

    • With the exception listed below, textbooks are fully refundable for the first two weeks of the semester.  After the expiration of the refund period, all text sales are final.


  • A receipt and student ID are required for ALL refunds. There are no exceptions to this rule.  It is a safeguard to discourage the theft of textbooks and we are consistent in applying this policy.



  • You must also have dropped the course associated with the textbook to qualify for a refund.  Drops are verified and if there is no drop on record, than no refund will be granted.



  • New books must be returned unmarked, without water damage or wrinkled covers.  If there is any damage, the book will be refunded as USED, i.e. at a 25% discount.



  • Special care must be taken with the many custom book packages currently in use. To get a refund, ALL the components of the package must be present.  If the software often included with the package has been used or a component of the package is missing, no refund can be granted. There is a $2.00 service charge to re-shrink wrap any package.



  • If a purchase was made with a check, there is a ten business day waiting period before a cash refund can be made.  A voucher will be issued giving the date cash can be returned.  The exception to this policy is if proof can be shown that the check has cleared the bank. 



  • Purchases made with a credit card will be refunded to the card.  No cash refunds are made for credit card purchases. Please make sure to bring the card when seeking a refund as the bank charges us for manual entry of card numbers. 



  • The exceptions to this policy include classes cancelled by the college, a change in instructors,  military call up of  reservists, or medical disability.  Defective materials are replaced at any time.



  • Books from prior semesters are not refundable.


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