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Joy Kunz Ph.D.

Art History Professor 

Meet Professor Kunz

I've had a circuitous journey to a Ph.D. in Art History. I attended a small liberal arts college and majored in English Literature. After being introduced to art history at college I decided to pursue it by completing an M.A. at St. Louis University with a specialization in Northern Renaissance Art. After teaching for a number of years and traveling around the world I returned to earn a Ph.D. from UCSB. My dissertation was in the area of Modern Art.


Ph.D., Art History, UCSB

M.A., Art History, St. Louis University

Philosophy of Teaching

I teach Art History at SBCC. When I was in college I took the required art history survey course and to my surprise I was fascinated with the breadth of the subject and its connection to so many other disciplines such as psychology, history, religion, sociology, politics, and more. I teach because I want other people to know how interesting art history is. I believe art history continues to be very relevant to contemporary life and I encourage students to become more informed consumers of all visual culture, present and past.

Courses Taught

Art 101: Visual Literacy

Art 102 A: Early Twentieth Century Art

Art 102 B: Late Twentieth Century Art

Art 103: History of Art, Prehistoric to Gothic Century Art

Art 104: History of Art, Renaissance to Modern 

Art 110: History of Women in Art

Art 211: 19th Century Art

Summer Sessions in Paris, France: 2013, 2014, 2016


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